Washington, D.C. Office

  • Marshall Macomber, Chief of Staff
  • Christopher Brinson, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Shea Snider Miller, Press Secretary
  • Debby McBride, Office Manager/Case Worker
  • Whitney Verett, Legislative Director - Armed Services, Veterans
  • Cameron Bishop, Legislative Assistant – Agriculture, Healthcare, International Relations, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, NASA, Energy,  Environment, Labor, Telecom, Trade, Transportation
  • Forrest McConnell, Legislative Assistant - Homeland Security, Budget, Taxes, Banking and Financial Services, Postal, Housing, Science and Technology, Education, Economic Issues
  • Jessica Jennings, Scheduler - Judiciary (hate crimes, guns, abortion)
  • Haley Wilson, Press and Staff Assistant, Intern Coordinator

Anniston Office

  • Sheri Rollins‚ District Director
  • Beverly Graben‚ Case Worker
  • Margaret Smith, Case Worker

Opelika Office

  • Cheryl Cunningham‚ Field Representative/Case Worker
  • Alvin Lewis, Field Representative/Director of Special Projects
  • Avis Dunbar‚ Case Worker