Rogers to President Obama: Your Sequester Threatens Our Defense

Feb 14, 2013


(WASHINGTON D.C.) – In a letter to the president today, Congressman Mike Rogers called on President Obama to support a plan that reduces federal spending without making harmful cuts to our military or threatening our national security.
The letter reads, in part, ‘As most Americans know, the House of Representatives has twice passed legislation to replace the sequester with responsible spending reforms…to date, your Administration has not submitted what I consider to be a serious, long-term plan to replace the sequester with more targeted, reasonable spending reductions.
The letter concludes, ‘Mr. President, the sequester was your idea. Now that it is about to occur, it is your responsibility to work with the leadership of the House and Senate to find a smarter, long-term way to reduce federal spending and cut our debt. Our warfighters, their families, and those who have dedicated their careers to supporting them deserve nothing less than the very best leadership from you to help resolve this responsibly.’
Rogers said today House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) is developing a proposal that would help blunt the sequester’s worst effects on the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Rogers said, “I am deeply disappointed President Obama has not put forth a serious, long-term proposal to solve the sequester,” said Rogers. “The uncertainty created by his sequester is causing concern at critical facilities like the Anniston Army Depot, Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex, and Fort Benning. This is not the right way for the President or the Congress to manage its affairs, and it is not the right way to provide for our warfighters and our dedicated civilian workers,” he said. “President Obama must lead.”
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