Rogers Statement on House Passage of the Repeal of Health Care Reform

Jan 19, 2011 Issues: Health

(WASHINGTON, DC)—Congressman Mike Rogers made the following remarks today after the bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed the House of Representatives.

“In November, the American people spoke loud and clear that they disapproved of the direction our country was heading.  In the midst of this bad economy, I think it is absolutely necessary to repeal this massive government program that will adversely impact small businesses and result in the loss of good-paying jobs. Having bureaucrats become the middleman between doctors and patients is not common sense policy, and the massive government intervention into our health care system does not help create good paying jobs.

“I believe we need true, meaningful reforms to our health care system, but a “one-size-fits-all” program isn’t good enough for America.  I promised the people of East Alabama I would support the repeal of this bill, and today I was able to make good on that promise,” Rogers said. “I hope the Senate will not stand in the way of efforts to fully repeal this jobs-crushing law.”

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