The State of Our Union

Feb 14, 2013


(Washington, D.C.) — On Tuesday evening, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to the nation. In it he shared with Americans his view of the current state of our country and his vision for the direction we should be headed.
On the whole, I was disappointed to hear many of the president’s proposals, which I believe come down to raising additional taxes, increasing spending, and continuing to rely on the Federal government as the driver of our nation’s economic growth – rather than the private sector.
If we asked folks across East Alabama what was on their minds Tuesday night, I think they might say some of the following.
First, our nation needs a balanced budget to help deal with our debt. After all, Washington is still spending far beyond its means. I’m proud to say time and time again, House Republicans have passed legislation to reduce our debt and bring our budget into balance over the long term. Unfortunately, the Senate has not passed a budget in close to four years. 
Folks would agree we need jobs. The tough reality is that, unemployment has been persistently high. Between 2009 and 2013, almost 8.5 million Americans have lost their jobs. Our economy has been stagnant and slow to grow. 
The private sector must be set free to lead our economic recovery. Washington can help do that by getting rid of unnecessary bureaucratic red tape and reducing regulations that hurt job creation. 
Folks would also talk about gas prices. They’re still too high and too volatile. That’s why we need to use more of America’s energy resources, a trend I’m delighted to say our nation is now doing mostly because of private sector innovation. One of the keys will be to ensure Congress passes laws that help increase the safe exploration of American energy sources. 
Finally, East Alabamians would say – loudly – don’t restrict our 2nd amendment rights. Further gun control measures just aren’t the answer.
We live in the greatest country in the world. Our economy may be struggling but our union is strong. At this important time, I hope Congress will make the tough decisions and help create a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.
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