Video Gallery

Rogers Questions DHS Secretary

2014-12-02 Time: 01:21

Clip from today's Homeland Security Committee Hearing on the impact of Presidential Amnesty on Border Security. Rogers specifically asks Secretary Jeh Johnso...

Rogers: Stop Unlawful Regulatory Over-reach by EPA

2014-09-15 Time: 01:19

Rogers delivers House Floor speech in support of the Rule and Passage of H.R. 5078, the Waters of the United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act of 2014.

Rogers Questions DHS Secretary Johnson on Immigration Crisis at Our Southwest Border

2014-06-24 Time: 05:04

Rogers questions DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on how to fix the illegal immigration crisis. As children flood into the U.S. by crossing over the Southwest borde...

The Truth about Obamacare

2014-04-03 Time: 01:29

Rep Mike Rogers (AL-03) urges President Obama to tell the whole story about Obamacare and its effects on hard-working Americans.

Rogers to Army Leadership: ANAD is Army's Best Depot

2014-03-25 Time: 04:00

Congressman Rogers questions the Secretary of the Army John McHugh and the Army Chief of Staff General Raymond Odierno about the Army's short- and long-term ...

Rogers Delivers One Minute Speech on #KeepYourHealthPlan

2013-11-14 Time: 01:15

Rep Rogers delivers One Minute speech on the House Floor on the Keep Your Health Plan Act.

Rogers on Accountability

2013-06-27 Time: 01:33

Congressman Rogers shares his thoughts on the importance of an accountable and trustworthy government amid the recent scandals.

Rogers Delivers One Minute Speech on Accountability

2013-06-12 Time: 00:55

Congressman Mike Rogers delivers a One Minute speech on the House Floor today on accountability of the Obama Administration.

Rogers Delivers One Minute Speech on Obamacare

2013-05-08 Time: 01:19

Rogers delivers a One Minute speech today on the 'train wreck' law, Obamacare.

Rogers Presses DoD on Furloughs for Depot

2013-04-26 Time: 01:18

This week, Rogers continues to press DoD on possible furloughs at Anniston Army Depot. He questions Secretary McHugh and General Odienero on both furloughs a...

Rogers Questioning on Furloughs at ANAD

2013-04-16 Time: 02:46

Rogers questions Lt. Gen. Mason, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, U.S. Army during a Readiness Subcommittee hearing on status of furloughs for civilian w...

Rogers Questions Hagel at HASC Full Committee

2013-04-12 Time: 03:02

Congressman Mike Rogers questions Secretary Hagel on funding at ANAD and furloughs.

Rogers: It's Time to Cut Spending and Reform Our Tax Code

2013-04-10 Time: 01:15

Rogers delivers One Minute speech on the House Floor today on cutting wasteful spending and reforming the tax code.

Rogers Supports House Republican Budget

2013-03-20 Time: 01:12

Rep. Mike Rogers delivers One Minute speech on the House Floor in support of the House Republican Budget.

Rogers Presses the Defense Department for Specifics of Sequester

2013-02-28 Time: 05:29

Congressman Rogers pressed Mr. Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance Policy and Programs for specific impacts of both the sequester an...

Rogers on Sequestration

2013-02-26 Time: 01:12

Rogers delivers One Minute speech on sequestration and replacing these devastating cuts with more responsible reforms.

Rogers Questions Impact of Sequestration on Anniston Army Depot

2013-02-13 Time: 03:31

HASC, Anniston Army Depot, Alabama.

Rogers on CNN Discussing Airport Security Breaches

2012-05-16 Time: 04:56

Rogers on CNN's Starting Point to preview his Homeland Security Transportation Security Subcommittee Hearing titled: "Access Control Point Breaches at Our Na...

1,000 Days Since Senate Democrats Passed a Budget

2012-01-24 Time: 01:18

Congressman Mike Rogers delivers a One Minute speech on the House Floor on the 1000th day since a budget has been passed.

Rogers: How does Democratic Leadership sleep at night?

2010-03-24 Time: 01:06

After passage of the health care bill that will further damage an already devastated economy, Rogers asks Democratic Leadership to focus on our economy and j...

Prescription for Disaster

2010-03-17 Time: 01:20

Rogers delivers One Minute on House floor addressing Democratic Leadership on their plan for government take-over of health care.

It's the Economy...

2010-03-10 Time: 01:05

Rogers One Minute on the House Floor reminding Congress that Americans want the focus on our economy, not health care reform.

Rogers on public option: No choices, just government-run health care insurance

2009-10-27 Time: 01:19

Congressman Mike Rogers (AL-03) gave a One Minute on the House Floor today reiterating the "public option" will take away choices and leave Americans with a ...